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Xiao is a character in Dark Cloud. She is the first ally who joins Toan on his journey. She initially appears as a stray cat in the Divine Beast Cave in Norune Village.


Xiao first appears as a stray cat on the second floor of the Divine Beast Cave. When she encounters Toan for the first time, she seems to have a fear of him, running off at first glance. However, as he continues to encounter her, she begins to grow curious about him, often pausing to take a closer look at him before fleeing.

When Toan reaches the eighth level of the Divine Beast Cave, he meets Seda, who challenges him to a duel and defeats him. Seda then fires a beam at Toan but the noise seems to affect Xiao, who had mysteriously sneaked in. Toan, in an attempt to protect her, blocks the beam.

After Seda leaves, throwing Toan a Changing Potion, Xiao comes to trust him and is transformed into an Atla by the Fairy King. He then adds her to his home as with any other Atla. When he enters his home afterward, he soon transforms her into a cat girl.



(Scan) Xiao

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In her cat form, Xiao is a brown tabby cat wearing a gold bell. In her humanoid form, she has cropped auburn hair with cat-like ears, wears brown boots, a golden cat-bell, a short white dress that barely touches her mid-thigh, and black shorts underneath her dress. Xiao also maintains other feline features, including her claw-like nails and her fang-like front teeth, which are noticeable during her initial dialogue with Toan.

In the epilogue that plays after the credits, Xiao is briefly seen returning to Norune Village with Toan in her cat form. Toan glances at her and smiles, and they start to race each other home, thus ending the first game. Besides that, when playing in the post-game she is seen in her humanoid form again and is playable like she was before. This could mean she either was temporarily turned back or can switch forms at will.


In her cat form, Xiao is very nervous around Toan and flees from him soon after he spots her, though she develops an interest in him as their paths continue to cross. In her humanoid form, she becomes rather attached to Toan, calling him "Master" affectionately and seizing him by the waist to give him a hug after he accepts her as his first ally. She promises to help Toan with his adventure and becomes a reliable partner throughout the game.


Xiao's weapons are slingshots. She is the only character who is capable of jumping over gaps in the dungeons (though Osmond can fly over them instead), and she is needed to defeat the Divine Beast Dran. She can increase her defense with the Fish Candy, which is found in miracle chests.