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Xiao's weapons are slingshots in Dark Cloud. Xiao is the first available character with a ranged weapon. Slingshots have a good rate of fire, but are incapable of charge attacks. Despite being ranged, they deal more damage the closer they are to the target. Steve is unique in that it is capable of speech. Xiao's strongest weapon is the Angel Gear.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Wooden Slingshot icon Wooden Slingshot Slingshot made by carving wood. Default weapon.
Bandit Slingshot icon Bandit Slingshot Sometimes you can steal items from monsters with this. Steal
Bone Slingshot icon Bone Slingshot Slingshot made of bone. A bit fragile.
Steel Slingshot icon Steel Slingshot Slingshot made of steel. Looks heavy.
Flamingo from DC1 icon Flamingo Unique slingshot shaped like a bird.
Steve icon Steve Mysterious talking slingshot. Nobody knows its true color.
Hardshooter icon Hardshooter Launches powerful shot but a bit fragile.
Double Impact icon Double Impact Allows shooting two bullets at the same time.
Dragon's Y icon Dragon's Y Slingshot with dragon's power.
Matador icon Matador Slingshot made of ox horn. Very powerful.
Super Steve icon Super Steve Powerful mysterious Slingshot, Steve.
Divine Beast Title icon Divine Beast Title Having this gives you the title of Divine Beast.
Angel Shooter from DC1 icon Angel Shooter Angel's slingshot. Looks cute but ultra powerful. Heal
Angel Gear icon Angel Gear Magnum slingshot. Unimaginable power.

Weapon flowchart[]

Wooden Slingshot
Steel Slingshot
Bandit Slingshot
Bone Slingshot
Super Steve
Double Impact
Dragon's Y
Divine Beast Title
Angel Shooter
Angel Gear


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