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Yellow Drops is a location in Dark Cloud. It is located on the Yellow Moon, and is home to the Moon People. The Georama for this area is the Sun Giant, which must be rebuilt in the town's Moon Factory. The inventor of the Sun Giant, Osmond, eventually becomes a party member.

While the dominant building is the Moon Factory, there are also several other shops and buildings. The dungeon for this town is the Moon Sea.

Important CitizensEdit

Yellow DropsEdit

  • Samba, the first citizen you meet in Yellow Drops, your official, yet temporary guide to the town, and the keeper of the storehouse.
  • Ledan, the keeper of the general store and your unofficial guide to the town.
  • Marnia, who will trade the Clay Doll from Muska Lacka for the Sun attachment, which boosts attack and all elemental attributes +10 and all monster attributes +3.
  • Jive, a knowledgeable moon person who tells you how to build up your Sun Sword.

Moon FactoryEdit

  • Osmond, the Boss of the Moon Factory and the sixth member of the party. He also operates the head of the Sun Giant.
  • Amuleo, a quiet moon person who operates the Right Arm of the Sun Giant.
  • Gotch, a timid moon person who operates the Left Arm of the Sun Giant.
  • Tomahon, a studious moon person who operates the Right Leg of the Sun Giant.
  • Boon, a cowardly moon person who operates the Left Leg of the Sun Giant.

Important BuildingsEdit

Yellow DropsEdit

  • Samba's house, where you can store Items, Weapons, and Attachments.
  • Ledan's house, where you can buy Items, Weapons, and Attachments. Also serves as a Headquarters for the Moon Factory Staff.

Moon FactoryEdit

  • Parts HD, where you receive the Admission Ticket to the Coliseum once Osmond joins the party.
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